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Cannabis – How can it help and what are its benefits. Join us on May 16th at 9:30am with the certified cannabis Health Educator Marianne Lawrence of Wholehemp, and learn about cannabis benefits and effects it has with our bodies. 


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April 20th only

420, also known as four-twenty, is a term deeply rooted in cannabis culture. It serves as slang for marijuana and hashish consumption, particularly around 4:20 pm. This time of day has become synonymous with cannabis enthusiasts coming together to partake in the herb. The origins of 420 trace back to a group of high school students in San Rafael, California, who used the term while planning to search for an abandoned cannabis crop based on a treasure map. These students, known as the Waldos, designated the Louis Pasteur statue at their school as their meeting spot, gathering at 4:20 pm. Over time, “4:20” evolved into a code word for consuming cannabis. High Times magazine played a role in popularizing this story, and the phrase eventually became associated with cannabis-oriented celebrations held annually on April 20 . So, whether it’s a moment of camaraderie or a nod to cannabis advocacy, 420 remains a significant marker in the cannabis community.

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